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Summer Outfit Inspiration

Hello Fashionista luvs,  It’s June 21st and it’s officially summer in British Columbia. This is the day when people wear less clothes obviously. Warm is the definition of summer and the very reason why British Columbians wear less fabric. However it doesn’t mean you have to wear short shorts to the extent that your butt cheeks fall

Vancouver Fashion Week. SS14

CurveIsFashion.com is very proud to be part of one of Vancouver’s most prestigious and fabulous event the Vancouver Fashion Week. I have attended VFW 3 years in a row now, and it just get better each time. I thought VFW’s show last March was great March 2013 VFW but September 2013 VFW is even better.

I’ve got the Look with Maxi!

Maxi dress is one of my style obsession this summer and I am excited to share this quick tips with you to make you feel like a million bucks in your maxi dress 🙂 1. The right length is the first step. Make sure the lenght is not above your ankle. 3. Understand your body

Soothe Winter with Black and White!

Winter might be a dark, cold and a feeling of hibernating season. I feel that I don’t really need to look great, nor should I put an effort on practicing style in this boring season of the year, however browsing your wardrobe and experimenting what you already have is worth your time and effort. Find