Summer Outfit Inspiration

Hello Fashionista luvs,  It’s June 21st and it’s officially summer in British Columbia. This is the day when people wear less clothes obviously. Warm is the definition of summer and the very reason why British Columbians wear less fabric. However it doesn’t mean you have to wear short shorts to the extent that your butt cheeks fall out of your shorts.  I highly recommend less fabric but appropriate outfit. A lively mix of pastels and bright colour with neutral touch.

SUMMER IS THE PERFECT SEASON FOR ALL THINGS THAT ARE BEAUTIFUL including dresses.  l love to play with shapes and colours in this beautiful season of the year.

Here are some of my everyday outfit at the onset  of the summer. I would like to share with you and I hope you get some inspiration 🙂

1. WHITE SHORTS. White feels cool in the summer. I easily burn on my shoulders and arms so instead of putting sunscreen cream, I top it up with a cardigan in a very  thin cotton material. I maximize the value of this piece as it add a stylish appeal to my outfit plus it protects my skin from the sun. A pair of wedged brown sandals and leather belt is the perfect accent for this cool summer look.

2. NEUTRAL COMBO- Denim strapless top from Guess, khaki flared skirt, a pair of very comfortable gladiator sandals and a hat is perfect for an outdoor summer. This outfit creates a neutral, clean and warm summer mix. The good thing about where I work is I am free to wear anything stylish but modest.  I’ve worn this outfit on my workday and meeting few friends for a late lunch with girlfriends.


3. SPLASH OF GREEN- I thought I could add more colours to my outfit on my work day wearing my forest green pleated skirt. I don’t feel awkward wearing my favourite long sleeved denim shirt in the summer as I work in an office where they cranked up the air conditioner to the max. But the concept of tuck and roll is very much applied in this look. I rolled up the sleeves and tuck it in to come up to a more comfortable summer outfit. Statement necklace can be intimidating but this bold chained  necklace is perfect to accentuate a total stylish summer outfit of the day.


4. LAYERING-  Yes, trust me layering does not only apply in the cold season, it could be in the summer too.  However layering in the summer has quite different function in comparison to layering in cold season. In the summer layering is all about adding vibrance to the outfit exploring patterns and colours, just like what I did with this outfit of the day. I put a patterned deep blue blouse on top of my gray fitted dress from Guess. I love to experiment with this solid coloured bodycon with another blouse on top, I am curvy so sometimes I don’t want to show off my curves.  Finishing up the look with a hot pink strappy sandals from Micheal Kors, this makes summer layering an  easy fun and versatile outfit.


5. PASTEL TEASE – I never forget pastels in the summer. It gives me the feeling of ease while the colours lingers beautifully in the summer air. This outfit I played safe in three coloured look, a semi flared pleated top and white skirt creating a demure and peaceful aura. I took risk by adding a statement piece, my bold crystal necklace with baby blue and pink accent. Paired up with tanned coloured sandals from Guess and lastly carrying my LouisVuitton Cherry Blossoms Papillion purse has made me ready to conquer the day.

Below Photo Credit: Dick Yap Photo


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