Styling Services

Personal Styling – We will bring out that style in you and we make sure that you wear that style everyday and comfortably. We look for the latest trend and fashion to make your look more updated. It doesn’t matter how young or old we are, or what situation in life, pregnant,dating, trying to impress someone, attending to a very a important event,  going to a job interview, or you may be already in the corporate world, with our help you can be stylish, fabulous but appropriate.

Photo Shoot – Photographers take your photo, our job is to dress you up for a  photograph that is worth keeping and publishing…

Shopping Companion  and Consulting  – Some people can shop and buy whatever they think that look good on them but most of the time they end up shopping for what they don’t really need.  Our goal is to help you save time and money, by giving you recommendations on where and how to shop, on what type of clothing that best fit your style. We can accompany you and will take you to high-end retail shops or to a consignment or thrift store depending on your budget. Our goal is for us to make sure that you are buying the clothes that compliments your style and is appropriate for you and your lifestyle.

Wardrobe Makeover – Do you sometimes end up wearing the same clothes everyday? Or do you sometimes wear mismatched outfit out of a rush? Well we have a solution, why don’t you invite us to your place and let us work on your wardrobe. An organized and functional wardrobe is the best solution for a less stress, more stylish outfit everyday

Bridal Styling  – To be a bride is one of the most memorable event in a woman’s life. The bride should look grand and fabulous together with her groom and her entourage. What to wear should not be a stressful decision for the bride. Let us take that burden off your shoulder, and let us do the styling for you. We pick the colour and the dress of your entourage that compliments your theme.  Most of all we will assist the bride pick the most flattering and most fabulous dress a bride could ever wear.

Styling for MenStyle doesn’t apply to women only, men needs to wear his style everyday as much as women do. Most men doesn’t care what they wear, not considering their body shapes and sizes, they will put on clothes whatever they can pull in the closet, as a result a man can be sloppy or mismatched. You don’t need to be extravagant, you can be simple but stylish. Guys you can show off your style too. We style men not because they are vain but because they deserve it.

We are here to help. Contact us now or chat with one of our stylist, first consultation is free (maximum of three questions).