Skater Skirt: My Style Uncompromised in February.

Skater skirts (and all the above the knee skirts there is).  I Love Skirts. I feel free when I’m wearing it. I wear it when I am at work, at home, a casual walk, a visit in the mall, a date with my hubby, a dinner with my friends, a special event. This February I wear it to work almost everyday. I know someone might say, “how could you, it’s cold in BC in February”. Yes, yes. I got that and I felt that. But hey, I can make it work.  I refuse to compromise my style in February. Cold weather? There’s always a way around it. However, consider the occasion and the type of place you are going of course (big factor).  More often than not, I don’t spend time outdoors during cold season. I work indoor 95% of the time and rarely that I run in the foggy, cold February atmosphere outside. (I am a tropical girl and I always make it an excuse to stay in!)

Ok so here we go, I chose to wear my skirt to work more than half of the time, but as stubborn as I am when it comes to the weather’s command to fashion, I listen to few universal pointers on how to get cozy in this persistent cold weather.

(FYI my daughter took these photos of me in the morning before she gets dropped off to school or before i get out of the door to go to work.)

I wear my skirt obsession whimsical (because I can still wear skirt) but practical (which means I have to layer up). Wrap a nice wool scarf. (cashmere and cotton is by the way one of the best treat in a cool temperature). One important tip is no bright and illuminated colours in February. Abide the nature’s vibe. Keep dark hues or neutral on top of your clothing pile, like this 3 coloured plaid skirt.



I add a pop of colour or two. Experimenting is my best friend, match a conventional mismatch. A purple and brown? (hmmm why not try, after all these two hue is in the cold weather colour wheel). Red, red, yes you can do anything wiith red although I am not a big fun of it, but because  February is the month of the heart, then I am more than happy to add red to the look.



I always remind myself wear to wear close toed shoes (not even a peep toe). And when I feel a little bit colder, I wear my protective nylons. (This pretty persian kitty on the floor keeps me warm too ☺)

At the end of the day, I need to keep myself warm and style should not be compromised. After all SPRING is just around the corner……


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