Paris Fashion Week 2015 What the “F” is that??!

In reference to Paris Fashion Week 2015.

I could not fathom the reasoning behind Paris Fashion Week this year 2015. Personal styling is one of my focus in this colourful field and most of my clients has this self-confidence issue, either too much or too low. Usually I advise them if you have it flaunt it…in an appropriate and most stylish way…Most of all trend wouldn’t be a something I will recommend in an impulse…I am a stylist so trend is not really a major factor for me to create an outstanding result and what’s the best look for my client.

Looking into Paris fashion week 2015, where the audience are just dying in anticipation on what would be the trend this fashion show could bring in this year of the sheep. The models are no doubt gorgeous and yes the models have it..and they flaunted it. The problem was one segment of the show was confusing I should say. They neither flaunt it too much nor appropriately, they have flaunted the parts of human anatomy that should not have been flaunted…(uhummm private parts galore, bare and central). So they said this is a trend and therefore fashion.

WHAT HAPPEN TO FASHION if this is what we are looking at.

Tell me now, would you wear this?



Photo and Story Reference from the Guardians

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