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Paris Fashion Week 2015 What the “F” is that??!

In reference to Paris Fashion Week 2015. I could not fathom the reasoning behind Paris Fashion Week this year 2015. Personal styling is one of my focus in this colourful field and most of my clients has this self-confidence issue, either too much or too low. Usually I advise them if you have it flaunt

Chunky Necklace. How I wear it.

I am obsessed with bold necklaces. At the start of 2014, it was an unconscious New Years Resolution.   I wear it on workdays, on parties may it be a community event, a special day gathering or just a walk in the park, incorporate with the right outfit and I feel like nothing could ever

The Comfort of Capri

February and its still cold however it is bearable to wear a less fabric bottom. One of my favourites these past few weeks is my capri. I love it. I work indoor most of the time(though i have to take photo outdoor) so i didnt care if its cold or not. Just add some weather appropriate tops and here you go, you wouldnt feel like you have betrayed the season.

Miss Calendar Girls 2013

It’s been a great pleasure managing and styling the girls of Luzvimin’s Miss Calendar Girl 2013 Watch their first TV appearance. http://