Outfit of the day (OOTD) Spring to Summer Fun!!!!

Spring, spring…. i love every minute of this season. As you notice in my previous blogs I usually write about my spring outfits than any other season of the year. Well, I am a tropical girl, and I enjoy being one. I love the flowers blooming around me. I think they are very mystical as they beautify the surrounding with their whimsical spread of gorgeous colours. So here are few of my outfits that I actually wear before I go to work or doing mommy duties. I am a busy mom, so what I do to save time is I always ask my daughter to take photo of me when I feel that my #OOTD is worth sharing. 

Outfit #1 : This is my early spring outfit. I stick to neutral colours to gently coordinate with the nature as it welcomes the blooming spring. This is when the temperature is still cool and a slight blow of the wind still feels chilly, a pair of suede boots, denim pants, a tank top in cotton (for comfort and warmth), a cashmere sweater and a 3/4 sleeve bell blazer (my favourite, it keeps me warm enough when I suddenly feel the chill and can easily take it off when it gets warmer, crazy BC weather) to top it off I wear a hat, may it be an accessory or for comfort or protection, it looks chic and cozy 

Outfit#2: I Don’t put away my cardigan and knee high boots yet. I thought wearing a neutral floral pattern with a hint of pastel,brown leather belt and bold necklace in the same hue is no doubt a fun spring outfit of the day. 


Outfit# 3:  This outfit i wear after a week i worn my outfit no. 2. I love love this floral dress from H&M. So I decided to wear it again with a little modification. It’s still a bit cooler so I put a blue denim shirt on top of my floral dress and a burgundy faux leathet jacket for a warm finish. Opps i should not forget the shoes, this time of the year a pair of leather high heeled semi – ankle boots are ideal, as they look very stylish with this outfit and it keeps my feet warm all day  

Outfit #4: This is my friday outfit. More often than not, after im done working i get invited to another engagement. This outfit definitely saves time. This silky leggings from American Apparel worked out well with my idea on wearing black from top to bottom. But I can’t wear just all black, my favourite tanned cardigan is the best match and it keeps me warm all day. Of course I never forget the bling. A tassled gold necklace is posh and more put together.  

Outfit# 5:  This is one of my most comfortable OOTD without compromising style. I am wearing a low heeled school girl black shoes. I could probably run with this shoes on. Now thats comfort. My Burgundy leggings  is my go to pants in the fall and its burgundy. Burgundy is usually my fall colour, so I played it up with a light pink floral silky top for spring feel. I use my lavender PRADA handbag to purposely compliment my outfit. A neutral trench coat is a must for me in this sunny yet slightly cool temperature.  

Outfit# 6: I wore this outfit in a midweek. It was warmer than the past few days, so one layer was sufficient. I put my faux black leather biker’s jacket on top of my gray maxi dress. This outfit is a bit monochromatic so i incorporate A floral statement necklace in pastel and crystal into the mix and that makes the look a more spring feel. 

Outfit #7:  Yes we are talking a warmer spring here, a brighter pink dress says it all ☺️. Although I am wearing my very comfortable leather jacket, but I am wearing a pair of wedged strappy sandals…you know what it means..summerrr!!!!  

Outfit#8: Finally, i have to admit I cant wait till it’s summer, warm beach, picnic and all the adventures that comes with it. I am getting so excited. This cream coloured jumpsuit is a perfect outfit for me to welcome my most anticipated summer. I like the raffle detail of this outfit and I accentuate it with a crystal statment piece, plus strappy gold wedge sandals  

So here you go my fashionista loves. I hope that you get some inspiration with my 8 outfits of the day. Till next time. Enjoy your spring and summer.

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