Girl Talk: On 7 Awesome Facts of Having Girlfriends Sleepover

(Photo Credit: Dick Yap and Diones Lago)

Do you still remember the feeling of your first sleepover at your girlfriend’s house? Was that a feeling of Dejavu everytime your teenager ask your permission to go to a sleepover? What did you remember? Do you remember that feeling of joy and excitement, the feeling of belongingness, the feeling of nothing could ever go wrong when you are having a fun sleepover with your girlfriends? Sleepover does not only apply to teenagers, but also to mommies and adults of any age category. The fact that girlfriends sleepover can be a healthy beneficial to your over all well being. In my opinion based on my experience I strongly agree.

I asked my five best fun loving gorgeous girls how they feel after our fun sleepover and share it with us. Here are seven awesome fun facts of girlfriends sleepover

1.It’s a Fun Diversion from our Household Daily Routine.

Gene Price a BMW service writer says that having the girlfriends sleepover enhance the social well being of her family. “I only have one child, when my husband and I comes home and exhausted from work so a lot of times my daughter is the only one who talks a lot at home, she’s the type of girl who loves having people around so when I tell her that my friends are coming for sleepover, she gets really excited and can’t stop talking about it. She gets everything ready for the “big day” , she sets cute rules and all that cute girly stuff. She always think that yes she is a big part of mommy’s girlfriends sleepover.



2. It’s the ladies’ SECRET THERAPY.

When we have sleepover subjects to talk about are limitless. We share a whole lot of laughters and a bit of tears. The more matured ones in the group give advise to the younger ones we call our “bunso” (younger family member in Filipino family). They open up their love, hopes and frustrations. While we became each others counselor on life’s everyday pain and we cherish each other’s everyday life victory.  Only during sleepover that we share a lot of ourselves emotionally. The depth of sharing makes us become vulnerable in good way. Yes indeed, a sleepover is our secret therapy.




Things that we do at sleepover is endless. This is when out of the blue someone ask a HOW or a WHY, while we are trying a new make up product or while we are curling our hair and everyone just fluidly share their opinion on one topic after another. When Shawna is just at the onset of her Miss Teenage Canada Candidacy, she’s always asking what to do, what us the right outfit, is her walk good enough to win the judges’ vote? Everyone contributes ideas and in return its generously appreciated. Sharing ideas and acknowledging them is a powerful aspect of  our sisterhood.


4. We Feed our Self Esteem by Complimenting One another.

Yes this is awesome. Complimenting each other is an absolute food for our soul, and where else do we get it from? Of course from our sisters. Charlyn Navabi and Kristine Padua both are photographers favourite. We always see them posing for a handful of professional photographers. Gene and I would always say, “you two are getting better each time”. Consequently, so when we see their latest photograph posted in Facebook, indeed they are 10 times better than the last one. During our sleepovers, we always hear them giggling together, so we ask what is that all about? “Nothing, Chay’s laughter is just contagious” Kristine replies abruptly. Camille is the most hardworking among the youngsters, and sometimes we joke “They need to promote you to the management pretty soon” Simple things like that is flattering. Words like, “your new haircut looks really good on you”, I like your style, “you did great today” are simple compliments and yet it creates a great impact into our whole being. It brings out something from us that we never realized we have in us.



Shawna Warhurst, Model, Miss Teenage Maple Ridge. Animal Rights advocate.


Kristine Padua, commercial model, beauty enthusiast


Charlyn Navabi, commercial model, enterpreneur
_DSL6843                                                                                        Camille Tan, student and fitness enthusiast.

5. We Can show off Our Culinary Expertise.

While some of us is on the learning process of cooking gourmet meals, the others show off their culinary expertise. We agree that we love to eat, so even staying late at night is a no brainer with our bottomless chatting, as long as there’s food galore on the table to munch on we are happy. The “work—in-progress cook learn from the already “proven-to-be-a-good-cook”


6. Girl Talk in the Hot Tub before Bed Time is Whimsical

It’s not only whimsical but an absolute good night sleep helper. In the hot tub we tend to have a different dimension in our girl-talk. Probably because the feeling of warmth intensify the level of our desire to share more of us. This a luxurious way to have fun and open up with the girlfriends, until someone yawn and its time for jammies.



(from the left) Maria Warhurst, Verna Bohn, Gene Price

7. Girlfriends Bond develops Stronger

It is indeed a bond affirmation to us. Being vulnerable with the people that we trust is where we learn to take a leap into a cliff of uncertainty.


So, if someone in the group suggested for sleepover…say yes.

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