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Girl Talk: On 7 Awesome Facts of Having Girlfriends Sleepover

(Photo Credit: Dick Yap and Diones Lago) Do you still remember the feeling of your first sleepover at your girlfriend’s house? Was that a feeling of Dejavu everytime your teenager ask your permission to go to a sleepover? What did you remember? Do you remember that feeling of joy and excitement, the feeling of belongingness,

Summer Outfit Inspiration

Hello Fashionista luvs,  It’s June 21st and it’s officially summer in British Columbia. This is the day when people wear less clothes obviously. Warm is the definition of summer and the very reason why British Columbians wear less fabric. However it doesn’t mean you have to wear short shorts to the extent that your butt cheeks fall

Outfit of the day (OOTD) Spring to Summer Fun!!!!

Spring, spring…. i love every minute of this season. As you notice in my previous blogs I usually write about my spring outfits than any other season of the year. Well, I am a tropical girl, and I enjoy being one. I love the flowers blooming around me. I think they are very mystical as

Skater Skirt: My Style Uncompromised in February.

Skater skirts (and all the above the knee skirts there is).  I Love Skirts. I feel free when I’m wearing it. I wear it when I am at work, at home, a casual walk, a visit in the mall, a date with my hubby, a dinner with my friends, a special event. This February I