Chunky Necklace. How I wear it.

I am obsessed with bold necklaces. At the start of 2014, it was an unconscious New Years Resolution.   I wear it on workdays, on parties may it be a community event, a special day gathering or just a walk in the park, incorporate with the right outfit and I feel like nothing could ever go wrong .

Just recently I received a last minute invitation from a good

friend of mine to come over to her place because they are having a spring photo-shoot party and asked me if I could pose for a photo. It was 9am in the morning  and I have styling session from 10am to 1pm, which means I am free for the rest of the day, so I said YES I’ll come to party, but I said NO to posing for a photo. I usually prefer to work behind the scene of a photo shoot, making sure that we are creating a perfect photograph. However, when I arrived at the party,  my friend who invited me, miraculously convinced me to pose for a photo. But I still have to convince myself that I have to have  a noble reason to pose in front of the lens fully operated by a group of “dictators” (my metaphor for photographers and styling staff whose jobs are to dictate the poor model what to do). Not long enough after digging my tote bag I found something… My Bohemian Style Resin Crystal CHUNKY NECKLACE is at large.  So I said ok I am ready to get photographed. A very talented photographer Jock Lester Uy of Lime Photography took a break from shooting his models and turn his lens on me. He asked so how do you want to get photographed?  With my Fashion Styling Instinct I said I want to pose wearing my chunky necklace only and of course a  mink shawl cover in neutral. In no time, with my lack of patience to last in front of the camera, I pose and it was very quick …but hey I am pretty satisfied of the outcome. I say Jock did a great job capturing the element that I wanted him to focus on, my Bohemian Style Chunky necklace.  There it is, my obsession of the month, bold and chunky making a statement.



As a stylist, I always feel obligated to share some tips to my clients and to my readers. Wearing a necklace as bold and larger than usual is quite challenging if you are not used to wearing accessories that are beyond neutral and outside your comfort zone. So, here it is.

First, consider the neckline of your outfit. The main purpose of using chunky necklace is to dress your look.  There are four necklines where a bold necklace works its magic. Start by trying  out your favourite bold necklace on a classic crew neck. Crew neck encourages sparkle therefore a crystal and opaque semi-precious gem mix is perfect to dress the classic look .  A plunging neckline or V-Neck purposely creates an illusion of elongated upper part and it is longing for a chunky piece that could effortlessly draws attention to your face, a pearly, matte or less sparkly chunky piece compliments the look. While the collared shirt is a tricky neckline because of the symmetrical collar structure, this needs sparkle and glitz. You could mix a translucent element with clear stones like rhinestones or diamond necklace. Lastly the desirable strapless top. A strapless top reveals more skin, try a wider piece such a bib necklace which would pretty much cover up an overwhelming amount of bare skin.

Second, as I always say to my clients, you have to feel good about wearing this chunky piece. It could be overwhelming and there’s a possibility that it could work against you.  If you are not comfortable wearing it start from single layer chain, and double it up as you are getting more confident, spend five minutes on the mirror and try out and ask yourself  “Am I ready for the chunky?” This type of accessory enhances your look and helps your outfit pop. Match an outfit with the right colour, and cooperate with it’s purpose.



Bohemian Necklace



I always buy a duplicate of my finds and I would like  to share one with you. This  Chunky Bohemian Fashion Necklace will capture every attention you deserve. To find something that makes a statement and yet the colour is subtle is always a pleasure to have. Visit our Shop now and own this gorgeous piece.


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